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Welcome to EasternArabic.com

Eastern Arabic is one of the most exciting languages to learn!

Spoken broadly across the Levant region of the Middle East, the Eastern Arabic language is also one of the most useful that you can learn. It will enthral you, challenge you and delight you! Arguably one of the most widely spoken of all Arabic dialects, learning Eastern Arabic will enable you to talk to the majority of Arabic speakers with ease and with confidence.


This comprehensive website is designed to inform you about the language, give you the history of Eastern Arabic and of course recommend the best way for you to start learning this beautiful language...

Whatever your ambitions for wishing to learn Eastern Arabic, we are confident that we can help you to get the most out of your efforts. While you are with us, why not learn a bit more about the Arabic alphabet or some Eastern Arabic facts? With Arabic speakers more and more in demand, there is no better time to start taking advantage of the excellent language tuition software available to give yourself the headstart!

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and we hope that you decide to commit to a journey of learning like no other; whether it be for work or for pleasure, we urge you to get stuck in and start learning to speak Eastern Arabic today!


And remember, if you require further assistance or advice on how best to learn, or assurance that Eastern Arabic is the right Arabic dialect for you - we are simply an email away! We look forward to joining you on your Eastern Arabic adventure...